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Founded in 1990, Massachusetts-based iRobot is an advanced technology corporation that designs robots for both household and military use; in 2002 the company launched the Roomba® autonomous robotic home vacuum cleaner. Today the company is a worldwide leader in robotics, creating devices that do more than housework; they defuse bombs, lead rescues and save lives. The technologically advanced household cleaning product line includes a variety of reliable and durable Roomba® vacuum cleaning robots; Scooba® floor scrubbing robots; Braava® floor mopping robots; Mirra™ pool cleaning robots; Looj® gutter cleaning robots and a host of replacement parts, spare brushes, batteries, mopping cloths; accessory kits and more. The robotic vacuums and cleaners scrub and clean hard floors and vacuum most surfaces with minimal oversight; the pool cleaners and gutter cleaners operate in a similar manner.

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