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Gifts for Hostess & Host

As the holidays draw near, shop our wide selection of gift baskets, barware, hostess gifts, Christmas ornaments, and more. Enjoying drinks with your friends and family this year is one of the many fun things holidays encompass. Dress up your barware with the perfect accessories for entertaining. Choose a premium electric cocktail mixer, which does all your dirty work without the mess. Converse while you sip on your favorite beer with beautifully crafted Pilsner glasses. Whether you are hosting for the holidays or you are attending parties, find the perfect gift for any occasion. Various aromas from Yankee candle make it easy to find the perfect fragrance to infuse your home with a pleasant and welcoming scent. Give the gift of pure relaxation with Aromatherapy bath salts, designed to soak away stress in a spa–style bath. From specialized gift baskets to precious Christmas ornaments, shop today and find something for all your loved ones that is unique to their liking.

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