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Floor Clocks

A tall-case clock or grandfather clock is a classic timepiece, the sort often found in the finest estates and country homes. Distinguish your home with a longcase clock – browse our carefully curated selection of floor clocks any time of the day or night for ideas, information and a range of timekeeping solutions; arrange for delivery direct to your door with a click of the mouse. Choose from traditional tall case clocks, pendulum clocks, contemporary standing clocks, grandfather clocks, antique floor clocks, grandmothers clocks and more. An investment in such a classic timekeeping device is not to be taken lightly as it is no doubt destined to become a family heirloom. A good quality floor clock will have an attractive analog face with Arabic or Roman numerals, a cable-driven movement, and will often chime on the hour. Express your personal style and make a lasting impression with unique floor clocks designed to distinguish your home or office.

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