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Basic Window Curtain Rods

Incorporating our own taste and style into our everyday lives is something we all love to do. As we accessorize our cars, attire, and even our pets, our window treatments are the same. Search through our wide selection of basic curtain rods, brass curtain rods, or even wood curtain rods to select the perfect accessory to complement your windows. From tension rods with attractive bronze finishes to magnetic curtain rods with stylish pewter finishes, discover trendy extras that will liven up your décor. Don't forget to complete the finishing touches for your windows with a swag holder which can be attached to the wall or any window frame, designed to create a decorative pouf from fabric. With simple and easy to install accessories, dressing the windows in your home with the style of your choice has never been more fun. Buy today and purchase the ultimate details your window treatments deserve.

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