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Decorative Window Curtain Rods

Discover today, simple and easy ways to detail your home's windows. From curtain rod brackets to window curtain rods, peruse our wide selection of window hardware and choose the right window treatments to incorporate your unique taste into your home. Browse through our plentiful collection of intricate finishes, featuring gold, pewter, satin, and much more. Add some sophistication to your windows with oil rubbed, bronze finished curtain rods or select a hand–brushed, matte finish for a bold appearance. For some instant elegance, choose sleek window hardware featuring crackled glass knobs. Find the specific curtain rod finials and holdbacks that will add the finishing touch to your windows. The windows are the eyes into your home and finding the perfect accessories to accentuate them is a must. Shop now and uncover many different styles of window treatments to make a statement for any room.

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