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Mix & Match Lamps(210)
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Mix & Match Lamps

Express your personal style – modern mix and match lamp bases and lamp shades make it easy to create custom lamps that reflect your good taste. Browse our online assortment of mix & match lighting for ideas, inspiration and solutions; choose from stylish acrylic, bronze, ceramic, wood, mercury glass and composite lamp bases in a variety of sizes and styles. Pair the lamp base of your choice with an appropriate lamp harp, finial and shade to create a look that is uniquely your own. Achieve a designer look when you assemble personalized table lamp sets designed to enhance your décor; enjoy a lighting makeover when you update your lamps with stylish new shades. Our mix and match lamp shades work with a variety of lamp bases; adjust the height to accommodate the shade of your choice with a new lamp harp. Transform a mundane lamp in minutes with a new lamp shade and shed a new light on your décor.

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