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        Gift & Wedding Registry
        There’s going to be a wedding! Whether you are getting married or are an invited guest, you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of the Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry. For brides and grooms, our registry checklists, guides and expert registry consultants help you create a custom wedding gift registry. For guests, the wedding gift list takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect present. Bed Bath & Beyond is happy to help celebrate the next big chapter of your life with exceptional registry services and an unparalleled gift selection. Registry Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 5,970,474.

        You’re not just planning a wedding -- you’re also planning for your life after the honeymoon. The Bed Bath & Beyond interactive checklist is a handy tool to keep you organized and focused. For dining to travel, Bed Bath & Beyond has the best selection of items, gear and accessories, and the checklist makes the whole experience fun and satisfying instead of overwhelming

        Quick Picks
        Visit bedbathandbeyond.com to browse for inspiration and helpful suggestions; compare wedding registry favorites, quick picks, trends, style spotlights, personalized wedding gifts and more. Because Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you’d ever want for the home, you’ll find ideas for stylish decorating to practical storage and organization, and everything in between.

        The gift and wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond is your one-stop-shop to turn your newlywed house into your dream home. You can book an in-store appointment to make your registry experience stress-free and fun. Our experts will help you every step of the way, and send complimentary announcement cards to tell family and friends you’ve registered. With stores from coast to coast and bedbathandbeyond.com your guests will find shopping for engagement party, bridal shower and wedding gifts easy and convenient.


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