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Bathroom Makeover


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Small updates with big impact. Transform your bathroom in just one weekend!

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Weekend Bathroom Makeover

If it’s time for a complete bathroom re-do, we can help! From bathtubs to vanities and fixtures to lighting (plus lots more), we have everything you need to create a beautiful new space.

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Take on home projects with confidence! We make it easy to set up and maintain your home by connecting you with the right person to get the job done.

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Bathroom Makeover

Need a bathroom makeover? Get inspired and clean up – maximize your space, improve your showering experience or personalize your bathroom with easy solutions you’ll love. Shop our bathroom makeover selection any time for ideas, how-to information and stylish solutions; arrange for delivery direct to your door. Put an end to towels on the floor, lackluster showers and clingy shower curtains; learn how to select and install the right bathroom hardware, replace a shower head, install a curved shower curtain rod and make the most of your available space. Compare the best bathroom makeover ideas and decide on your personal style – perhaps you’d prefer a spa-inspired bathroom, a coastal-them bathroom, contemporary style or a traditional look – you’ll find it all and more when you browse our bathroom style collection. Need a budget bathroom makeover? You’d be surprised at the difference a space-saving solution such as an expandable shower caddy coupled with a new shower head can make. Enjoy a spa-like shower experience with wall-mount shampoo and soap dispensers, a handheld showerhead or a teak shower bench. Clean up with a quick bathroom makeover – personal touches such as a bathtub caddy or a new shower curtain transform a mundane bathroom in minutes.

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